Terms & Conditions

Delivery Terms & Conditions

  • Order £35 or more and get FREE Local Delivery in London for the following postcodes: 

E77, E20, E16, E15, E14, E13, E9, E8, E5, E3, E2, E1W, E1, N22, N19, N16, N15, N10, N8, N7, N6, N5, N4, N2, N1P, N1C, N1, W14, W12, W11, W10, W9, W8, W6, W5, W4, W3, W2, W1W, W1U, W1T, W1S, W1K, W1J, W1H, W1G, W1F, W1D, W1C, W1B, W1A, SW20, SW19, SW18, SW17, SW16, SW15, SW14, SW13, SW12, SW11, SW10, SW9, SW8, SW7, SW6, SW5, SW4, SW3, SW2, SW1Y, SW1X, SW1W, SW1V, SW1P, SW1H, SW1E, SW1A, SE27, SE26, SE25, SE24, SE23, SE22, SE21, SE20, SE19, SE17, SE16, SE15, SE14, SE13, SE12, SE11, SE10, SE8, SE7, SE6, SE5, SE4, SE3, SE1P, SE1, CR8, CR7, CR4, CR2, CR0, WC2R, WC2N, WC2H, WC2E, WC2B, WC2A, WC1X, WC1V, WC1R, WC1N, WC1H, WC1E, WC1B, WC1A, TW16, TW12, TW11, TW10, TW9, TW8, TW7, TW3, TW2, TW1, EC4Y, EC4V, EC4R, EC4P, EC4N, EC4M, EC4A, EC3V, EC3R, EC3P, EC3N, EC3M, EC3A, EC2Y, EC2V, EC2R, EC2P, EC2N, EC2M, EC2A, EC1Y, EC1V, EC1R, EC1P, EC1N, EC1M, EC1A, NW11, NW10, NW8, NW6, NW5, NW3, NW2, NW1W, NW1, KT21, KT19, KT17, KT11, KT10, KT9, KT8, KT7, KT6, KT5, KT4, KT3, KT2, KT1, SM7, SM6, SM5, SM4, SM3, SM2, SM1

  • FREE Non Local Delivery for orders above £49  (1 to 2 working days).
  • Orders before 10am apply for same day delivery or get next day delivery available. (Local Orders)
  • We deliver from our factory straight to your door with our own vans on several days of the week (Check delivery dates available at the cart).

How do we deliver our products

  • Ordering empanadas via Deliveroo: Our empanadas will arrive hot and ready to eat, straight from our restaurant or shop in about an hour. Only applicable to Wimbledon and Richmond areas.
  • Ordering empanadas via our Website: Our empanadas will arrive cooked or frozen in 24 or 48 hours (See above Delivery Terms & Conditions). They only need 5 to 10 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 200 °C.
  • Ordering alfajores and dulce de leche via our Website: You will receive them in 24 or 48 hours ready to enjoy.