Do you want to make a special event?? 

Let us cater for your party and turn it into a flavourful feast. 

We provide bespoke solution, that not only includes Empanadas but also other hand made delicatessen and exciting beverages. Because of its shape, an empanada can be a portable snack that doesn’t necessarily require plates or cutlery,

Empanadas can be served as a main course or a starter, at friends or family gatherings, chic parties, office parties, business meetings, at festivals; in fact, any occasion will be enhanced by savouring our delicious product. And what’s the perfect beverage to accompany an empanada? Red wine, of course! With our product, you are assured of a freshly made food that is not only authentic but also delicious and hearty.

Please contact us for any doubt and we will be very happy to make your event extraordinary! 

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We already provide our product to restaurants and delis.

Our empanadas are the perfect food to be sold at food retail business either as a single snack or in large quantities.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help you to grow your business.

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